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Share Life Time with Friends and Family

Bring your referral in as a guest on your account or have them sign up for a free trial pass. Earn LT BUCK$ if they join.

Get Rewarded for
Referring New Members



At join, your referral tells Account Manager your name


Referral receives email and confirms your name


Reward goes into your account 8 days after join


How do I earn a referral reward for someone who joins online?
After your referral joins, they should contact ltbucks@lifetimefitness.com or Member Services at the club with their referral information. Be sure referral information is submitted and confirmed within the first 60 days of membership to receive a referral reward.

When are LT BUCK$ loaded into my account for a referral?
LT BUCK$ are loaded into your account after the following conditions have been met:
- Your referral confirms that you referred them
- The new membership has been active for 8 days

How does my referral confirm that I referred them?
The new member can confirm via a pop-up at myLT.com/ltbucks or answer “YES” in their referral confirmation email.

What do I get for referrals?
Rewards vary by location and date. Check in with your club for the current referral offer.

What if my referral gets my name wrong?
You or your referral can contact ltbucks@lifetimefitness.com or Member Services at the club with the correct information.

Can more than one person be rewarded for a new membership referral?
Currently we only allow one member to be awarded for each referral that joins.

Where can I check the status of my referrals?
Log in to myLT.com/ltbucks and navigate to “LT BUCK$ Account” and click “Track referrals.”

Additional Questions?

Contact ltbucks@lifetimefitness.com or 1-888-430-6432

For more information on LT BUCK$ rewards and how to spend them, visit myLT.com/aboutltbucks

LT BUCK$ earned by referring qualifying new memberships will be awarded to the referring member’s active myLT.com account 8 days after their referral(s) join. Limit one referral reward per new membership. LT BUCK$ expire 120 days from date awarded. LT BUCK$ must be redeemed online by selecting eligible products and in-club services at myLT.com/ltbucks or shop.lifetimefitness.com. Products and services vary by location.  LT BUCK$ have no cash value and no cash back will be given. LT BUCK$ may not be used on certain products and services at shop.lifetimefitness.com, at LifeCafe, for certain dues or fees, or gratuity. LT BUCK$ are nontransferable and cannot be combined with other discounts or offers. See myLT.com/ltbucks for other terms and conditions. State taxes and other restrictions may apply.