We host a free social for all of our squash players once every 90 days. It’s our way of thanking you for choosing to play with us. Socials are fun events where  you can meet new players and spend time with our certified pro. Each social will deliver a challenging new format for you to test your squash skills.


Beat The Pro

All participants will challenge the pro and attempt to earn points off from them. Get ready to sweat as our pros won’t easily give up points. This is a fast-paced night with lots of fun. While you wait, challenge courts will be in full swing.

Gone With The Tin

This is “king of the court meets speed dating” handicap event where all players, regardless of skill level, are able to play each other in matches.  A night of endurance and strategic shots will earn you the winning spot.

Shoot The Shoes

The “Shoe” game provides a fun outlet for players to demonstrate their prowess by attempting to hit shoes placed along the side wall of the Squash court.  It can be played by as many as 10 players at a time and is not always won by the best player. 

Challenge Night

Everyone gets to play! Each court will have a level set and players will rotate to play each other for 2 hours of fun and socializing.

Shop for Squash

Find apparel and accessories for your squash game or any other activity including fitness devices or even activewear for off the court. Shop the Life Time Health Store — new selections every week.

Eyewear is recommended at all times. No dark soled shoes will be allowed on the courts. Courts are reserved for squash play only. No other activities allowed on the squash courts.