Group Training at Life Time

For one. For all.

A Powerful Community

The energy of a group by your side helps us crush workouts and hold each other accountable. Show up together for laughs, motivation and friends.

Dedicated Coaches

Get the close attention and instruction of a certified trainer. Here to help you reach goals, modify moves and bring out your best.

Science-Based Programming

Expertly designed to bring variety and results. Progress at your own pace through structured training sessions.

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Foundational and Transformational

For those looking for place to start with the opportunity to progress. GTX combines cardio, strength training and nutrition to help you lose weight, grow strong and find confidence. It’s a great foundation on how to live healthier.

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Going beyond exercise, this foundational program focuses on nutrition, new routines and healthy habits. Your group quickly becomes a community that feels like family.

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An enthusiastic coach knows your goals and keeps you motivated. Your desire to try new things allows for progressive improvement through more advanced movements.

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Strong and Fierce

For the athletic competitor who seeks constant challenge. If your idea of success has evolved from pounds on a scale to pounds you can press and a new personal best, Alpha has an option for you.

A man and a woman hold weights above their heads with their right arms while extending their left arms out to the side in a T shape
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You want to improve your athletic performance. Take your fitness to a completely new level and push your body to its highest potential. This is the program to achieve these goals.

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You’re an inspiring athlete who loves a challenge. Working out goes past exercise and is now the way you eat, sleep and live. These are your people. This is your program.

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Always consult your physician before beginning any new exercise program.