Kids Swimming



Image of a boy on a diving board

Swim Team

Be part of the team. Open to all abilities and ages 5+, our Swim Team offers weekly practices, specialized training, regular competitions, and the chance to win awards. Tryouts may be required.

Image of a boy and a teacher at kids swimming lessons

Swim Lessons

Children love to swim, and it’s one of the most important lessons they can learn in life. Swimming lessons teach children self-confidence, encourage physical fitness and cut the risk of drowning.

Image of babies and their moms in a pool

Swim Levels (Progression)

Perfect for all ages — from 4 months to 12 years — and abilities, our progressive swim lessons make it fun and easy for your child to advance quickly at a pace that is right, not scary, for him or her.

Image of children learning how to swim

Kids Swim Clinic

When school’s on break, bring your kids to our Swim Clinic. Our 2- to 3-hour clinic is made for kids ages 5–12 and includes swim lessons, healthy meals, water safety skills and fun water sports.

Image of a child swimming laps

Kids Stroke Clinic

If your kid is a warrior in water, get him or her into our Stroke Clinic. He or she will improve specific swimming skills or strokes in preparation for our competitive USA Swim teams.

Image of three smiling girls underwater

Swim Play

Let your kid have fun longer. Swim Play adds 30 minutes to your child’s 30-minute lesson to give you a full hour to work out. We’ll even transfer your child from Swim Play to lessons when it’s time.

Image of deck chairs lined up by a pool

Pool Hours

Ready to get in? Our pools are waiting for you. Just check the pool hours at your Life Time to see what’s happening when.