Dynamic Stretch

What if you could just feel better in your body? More mobile and flexible. Free from pain and with improved motion. Dynamic Stretch will help you move better and recover faster.

a man getting stretched by a trainer

Our Certified Stretch Specialists use the latest in recovery techniques and technology to help you function at your highest level.

Your 25- or 50-minute session includes:

  • Movement screening 
  • Active and passive stretches 
  • Range of motion work 
  • Breathing exercises 
  • Recovery tools
A woman getting her neck stretched by a trainer

Recovery Tools

Complimentary recovery experiences are available to all members, located in the recovery area of club. Equipment availability varies by club.  

Woman sitting laying down while a trainer uses a massage tool
image of a Normatec leg wrap
a cryolounge chair
a hydromassage chair
a man using a massage gun on his shoulders

Continue your recovery at home

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