Our Philosophy

If it’s here, it’s healthy.

At LifeCafe, we’ve taken the hard work out of eating well. You'll find only real, wholesome ingredients — free of artificial additives — in our menu items. Come on in, grab any item you want and eat with total confidence.


Artificial Colors

Food colors our food. If it’s red, it’s probably from a beet or a strawberry or maybe even a pomegranate. Here at LifeCafe, we say "Never say dye."

Artificial Flavors

Natural flavors come from anything that can be eaten. Artificial flavors come from anything that can’t. Enough said.

Artificial Preservatives

We’ve got no quarrel with natural preservatives like salt, sugar, vinegar and citric acid. It’s the artificial ones that we want no part of. And neither does your body.

Artificial Sweeteners

A tasty no-calorie drink sure is sweet. But the risks are too great. Researchers link artificial sweeteners to diabetes and obesity. Which is why we stick with natural sweeteners like sugar, honey and stevia.

Bleached Flour

Manufacturers use bleaching agents to make flour look more appetizing. But, truth is, there’s nothing good about mixing food with chemicals like chlorine and peroxide.

Trans Fats

Doctors say it’s the worst fat you can eat. It raises your bad cholesterol (LDL) and lowers your good cholesterol (HDL). Which, in turn, increases your risk of a heart attack.


Smoothies and shakes

Organic Fruit

Only USDA-certified organic fruits go into our shakes & smoothies.

California chicken sandwich

Cage-Free Chicken Breast

Our bowls, salads and sandwiches feature chicken raised without antibiotics, artificial ingredients or artificial preservatives.

organic smoothie and shake ingredients

Organic Milk & Orange Juice

Always organic milk and OJ make for the freshest shakes & smoothies.

Breakfast panini

Cage-Free Eggs

Happy hens lay eggs for our breakfast omelets and sandwiches.


Dodge bowl

LifeCafe Menu

At LifeCafe, we only offer delicious foods that are free of artificial colors, flavors, preservatives and sweeteners.

Chimichurri steak

Meals to Go

Eating healthier when you’re in a hurry is easy with Meals to Go. These items are freshly prepared and packaged for you to take home.