Power. Purpose. Pilates.

Change your body with an effective program that develops 
strength, flexibility and mobility.

Total Transformation

Whether you’re new to this series of exercises or have already discovered the amazing benefits of Pilates, we welcome you to experience a program that will strengthen your core and every muscle in your body.

Get started with a complimentary 
30-minute Pilates session in South Jordan.

A Pilates student working out on a reformer

A Progression-Based Program

Choose what’s right for you – Private Instruction or a Group Class. Both options offer continuous improvement with a progression-oriented approach.

A Pilates instructor helping a student with her form

Private Instruction

Experience personalized 1:1 instruction with our best-in-class Pilates coaches as they work to understand your goals and body, and develop the right program for you. One-hour session scheduled for your convenience.

Two women building core strength on a row of reformers

Group Classes

Feel the attention of an instructor and the support of a community. From beginner to advanced, you’ll find what’s right for you as you progress through four levels for continuous improvement.

Try It Out

A free 30-minute Discover Pilates session provides you the opportunity to see where you are in the progression and find the right type of instruction for you. Sign up now and start your journey to total body transformation.

A woman balancing on an exercise ball with arms upraised


Group of people using Pilates reformer machines in a Pilates class at Life Time