Classes at Life Time

Maxout strength class featuring a group of people working out with barbells


Push, pull, raise and lift heavy things, reaping results as you go. How can you resist?

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Root yoga class participants in reverse warrior pose at Life Time


Whether it’s slow and quiet, or fast and sweaty, yoga helps you move through life differently, in a style that’s right for you.

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Alpha class instructor encouraging class member on stationary bike

Signature Group Training

Structured programming. An expert coach. The energy of others eager to motivate you. No wonder it’s the best workout of your life.

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Xtreme cardio class members doing knee lifts on step benches at Life Time


Blood-pumping, pulse-raising, happy-hormone-releasing classes offer a workout and a good time.

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Life Barre class participant at barre in attitude position at Life Time


Raise the barre as you find alignment, strengthen your core, and tone muscles.

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Life Time member squatting with a barbell during a Lift strength class


Low-impact classes offer a mix of cardio, strength and flexibility to support optimal body function.

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Danze class participants in various positions at Life Time


Get your move on in the dance party of the workout world.

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Two strike kickboxing martial arts class participants in side kick position at Life Time


Jab, cross, hook, and uppercut your way in these high-energy boxing, kickboxing and conditioning classes.

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Cyclists in a PWR spin class at Life Time high fiving


From rhythm-based rides to performance-driven training, step into the studio for a phenomenal, fast-paced cycle class.

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