A Life Time trainer helps her client complete a side stretch

Recovery at Life Time Frontenac

Restore and perform.

Whether you’re looking to increase your potential, come back stronger from an injury or want to live your best life, we’ve curated the most advanced modalities in wellness for your continued success.

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Recovery In Action

Technology. Technique. Expertise. Get a quick look at some of the ways Recovery can get you feeling and performing your best.

A Life Time trainer helps his client with proper form during an exercise
A Life Time member wearing a face mask and heart rate monitor runs on a treadmill

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Metabolic Testing

Take the guesswork out of how your body burns fuel and learn how to spend every minute you exercise getting smart, fast results. Combine data and technology with the watchful guidance and personalized attention of a coach to see unprecedented success.

  • Active Metabolic AssessmentSM  
  • Resting Metabolic AssessmentSM
  • Metabolic Coaching
A woman in workout clothes lies on her side on a yoga mat using a foam roller on her hip

Recovery Treatments

Experience cutting-edge services that harness the power of technology and the anti-inflammatory properties of compression to provide preventative treatment, accelerate injury recovery, and enhance muscle and joint performance.

  • NormaTec® Compression
  • Hydromassage
  • Hyperice® Vibration Therapy
 Life Time trainer helps his client with proper form during an exercise

Mobility Services

Identify the muscles with issues, then use various techniques to allow your body to become more functional, flexible, strong and healthy.

  • Muscle Activation Therapy
  • Movement Screening
  • Gait Analysis
  • Foam Rolling
A smiling trainer and her client speak together in a sun-filled room

Nutrition Coaching 

Certified Nutrition Coaches work with you to create a personalized plan that aligns with your specific health needs and goals.

  • Complimentary Assessment
  • 60-Day Intensive
  • 60-Day Jumpstart

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A trainer applies pressure to his client’s upper back during a session


Your body works best when bones, muscles and nerves are strong, aligned and working together. Discover the root causes of pain, imbalance or weakness and create a personalized treatment plan to restore, maintain and optimize activity.

Take the First Step

Talk with your trainer to find out how Recovery can help you feel, heal and perform your best. Don’t have a trainer? Set up a free consultation to get more information about our recovery services.

A trainer and his client laugh together during a workout

More From Life Time Training

A man in workout clothes lifts a barbell while being coached by his trainer

Personal Training

Certified Personal Training that suits your body, taps into your strengths and delivers real results.

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A smiling trainer and her client speak together in a sun-filled room

Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition guidance including a personalized plan to help you eat healthier and feel your best.

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