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The Healthy Way of Life at Home

We're proud of our community united in the pursuit of healthier living. With these resources, we encourage you to stay connected and informed and prioritize your well-being.

The health of our communities is our top priority. We’re here to help, however we can.

Staying Active

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Life Time Classes On Demand

Work out whenever and wherever you want. Our most popular classes are now available in video/streaming format.

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At-Home Workouts

These workouts prove you don’t need fancy equipment or a ton of space to stay in peak condition.

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Introducing The Life Time Training App

Train when and where you want with a customized program designed by a certified Personal Trainer.

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Stay Healthy With The Life Time Store

Get the nutritional and fitness essentials you need to stay healthy and strong delivered to your door.


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Featured Article

Dietitian-Approved Snacking Tips for Working at Home

With the majority of Americans housebound with all-day kitchen access, it’s easy to see how your grazing habits could increase. Use these tips to make healthier choices and enjoy some dietitian-approved snack suggestions.

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Featured Article

Immune-Boosting Foods

It’s important to eat foods that help support and strengthen your immune system. Check out this list of foods to embrace — and avoid — when you’re trying to fend off viruses.

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Lifestyle & Self-Care

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Featured Article

How to Stay Connected While Social Distancing

Social distancing is necessary right now — but maintaining community connections is more important than ever. Here are some tips to stay connected with those you love from a safe distance.

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Featured Article

The Ultimate Guide to Supporting Your Immune System

The human body has an amazing ability to withstand incredible mental and physical stress. Learn how to better support your immune system with expert tips for nutrition, supplements, movement and lifestyle choices.

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