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Yoga Teacher Training


Deepen your practice or follow the call to teach through this transformative and enlightening experience. You’re empowered to make personal strides, not just on the mat, but in everyday life as well. Our philosophy and purpose are to introduce others to the healing power of yoga and support a more complete and healthy way of life.

Program Overview

Our Yoga Teacher Trainings prepare you to incorporate philosophies of yoga into your life and your students, by awakening the teacher that resides within.

  • Pranayama: Experience how important your breath is in overcoming adversity, agitation, anxiety and cravings.
  • Asana: Learn how to strengthen your own yoga practice with traditional formats like Ashtanga Vinyasa and deepen your moving meditations with a variety of Vinyasa formats.
  • Anatomy: Understand how each individual unique anatomy influences the shape of every yoga pose.
  • Empathy: Learn how to cultivate greater connections within your most intimate relationships; learning how to be a better listener to others and yourself, becoming more mindful in everything.
  • Purpose: Create sacred space in all aspects of your life so you can unearth the qualities that bring you and the community around you happiness and peace.
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Location and Certification

After completing LifePower Yoga Teacher Training, you will be set to register through the Yoga Alliance and obtain your Registered Yoga Teacher 200-hour certificate (RYT-200).

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Become a Yoga Teacher

Serenity, balance, self-acceptance — you can provide this for your students, build a community and help them find peace. Learn the skills and gain experience from knowledgeable instructors that will deepen your practice and create the foundation of skills you need to get certified and start guiding others.