What added cleaning protocols and social distancing efforts will Life Time be enacting?

In addition to complying with CDC guidelines and governmental orders and guidelines, Life Time is taking extra precautions to help our communities stay safe and healthy. This includes extensive cleaning protocols and social distancing practices within each of our destinations. For detailed information, please refer to

What days of the week and times, historically, have been the busiest at Life Time clubs?

Please see chart below for average club usage. Information was collected from the past year, including weekdays and weekends.

Can I bring a guest to Life Time upon reopening?

Initially, we will limit access to Members only. We will look to reopen our clubs to guests as we move through our reopening phase. If you would like updates as to when you may again bring a guest to Life Time, please inquire at the front desk.

What measures is Life Time taking to help ensure proper ventilation throughout the club?

While our clubs already meet or exceed current building code requirements, we are taking additional measures with respect to air quality as follows:

  1. We are adjusting ventilation rates based on occupant density, including bringing more outside air into spaces smaller than 1,600 square feet, such as our group fitness studios.

  2. We are employing MERV 13 filters in select, smaller spaces to filter very small particles out of the air.

  3. We are increasing air circulation duration in our HVAC system in order to improve overall indoor air quality.

These measures supplement other factors that are at least as important, or more important, in mitigating COVID-19-related risks, including enhanced cleaning, social distancing, personal hygiene, and staying home if you are ill.

Are Members and Guests required to wear masks?

Consistent with local government order, masks may be required when you are unable to effectively socially distance indoors and/or outdoors or at all times when on Life Time premises. Accommodations to the mask requirements may be available based on age, religious affiliation or for specific medical needs. The specifics for your location will be available in the “Know Before You Go” section on your club’s page. We also encourage you to visit your city’s website to view the full scope of face covering, social distancing, and other related requirements. 

Are Team Members required to wear masks?

Yes. Some local government orders require Team Members to wear masks. In addition, under Life Time’s current policy, all Team Members are required to wear masks when within 6’ of Members. Some exceptions may apply (subject to and consistent with government orders and regulations) in situations where a mask may inhibit the team member’s role or compromise their safety, including, but not limited to: lifeguards, swim instructors, and group fitness instructors who are actively teaching. Additional accommodations may be made based on specific medical needs or religious affiliation, or as otherwise required by applicable law. 

How will I be notified of the requirement to wear a mask? 

If you have a account, you will receive a notification via email. Your club’s web and app pages will also be updated with a notification banner and information provided in the “Know Before You Go” section of your club’s webpage. Physical signage will also be present in your club outlining the applicable government requirements.

What if I prefer not to wear a mask? 

Compliance with any government mandate regarding mask usage in public is a legal obligation, if not followed we could face fines and/or be entirely shutdown. We need your partnership at this time to be able to stay open and serve your health and fitness needs and goals.  We recognize that the local government mandate regarding mask usage may make your workout somewhat uncomfortable, but we will continue to work hard to provide the best possible experience inclusive of climate control measures, holding classes outdoors when possible and improved air filtration with our HVAC systems.

What if I don’t have/forgot a mask? 

Masks are available at our Member Services Desk for a nominal fee. 

Will temperature checks be required at my club for Members or Team Members?

For Team Members, self-temperature checks will be required prior to each shift if consistent with governmental orders and guidelines. If masks or temperature checks are required for Members in your state, please expect to receive this information via email.

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Introducing Our New Reservation Policy

As part of our club reopening plan, reservations are now required for all studio, cycle, and yoga classes. This will help ensure your safety as we implement smaller class sizes and facilitate safe distancing.


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