What happens once I make my reservation?

  • Confirmation email
    • You will receive a confirmation email to the email address associated with your membership. The email will contain class details including the class time, location and instructor, as well the station you reserved for class.
  • Reminder email
    • 24 hours prior to your reserved class, you will receive an email and app notification reminding you of your upcoming reservation. The app notification, if clicked, will bring you to your reservation details in the Life Time Digital App. The email will include your station number reserved for class.
  • Check in at the front desk
    • On the day of your scheduled class, simply arrive at your club and check in at the front desk. This will automatically check you in for your class reservation. Please arrive in your reserved spot by the start of class. If you arrive after class starts, you risk forfeiting your reservation to a member in the standby line.
  • If lockers are available, place your belongings in a locker
    • No coats, bags or other items will be allowed in the studio or on the fitness floor.
  • Form a standby line outside of the studio
    • Doors will open prior to the start of class. If you arrive early, please wait outside the studio.
  • Enter the studio and locate your station
    • Locate your reserved station using the numbered decals on the floor or on a bike, depending on what class you are attending. In many classes, one set of sanitized intermediate weights will be placed at your station. Additional weights are available on the equipment racks in the room.
  • Remember your station
    • If you forgot the number on your station, either refer to the screenshot you took of your confirmation email or open the Life Time Digital App and select View My Reservations.

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