Junior Squash




While there are no guarantees your child will attend college, squash could be the edge they need to get into an Ivy League institution. Potential scholarships aside, your child will learn a sport that builds muscle, develops hand-eye coordination and agility, provides exceptional cardiovascular training plus mental sharpness.


Level 1: Getting Started

Level 1 focuses on the basics of squash, building the foundation for young players to succeed in the sport. Your kids will be evaluated to ensure the basics are mastered before moving on.

Level 2: It's Your Serve

Level 2 continues with forehand and backhand and then adds the serve, return of serve and the drive. Official rules of the game are introduced to prepare your kids for the US Squash ref test.

Level 3: Calling The Shots

This level is for kids who have passed both Level 1 and Level 2. Your child will start to put everything they have learned into “real time” and add cross-courts, lob and the drop shot. 

Level 4: Master Your Game

Each week, your child will strengthen their shots, play a match and be evaluated by the coach. Shot selection, strategy and court positioning will be the focus in these “real time” matches.


High Performance

For your gifted child, they will sharpen technical development, gain tactical advantages and hone competitive instincts through situational drills, competitive match play and intensive physical training.

SquashKids Junior Play Days

These one-day events are for beginner students currently in our levels 1 to 4 programs. We use progressive balls and racquets that will help your child have fun while this no-pressure format will get kids used to playing matches under the helpful eyes of our certified coaches.


Leagues are a great way for your child to learn and improve in a competitive setting. From beginners to advanced, our staff matches your child up with the right competitor to ensure they are both challenged and having fun. Prizes are given to all division winners at the end of the league. Leagues can be organized by age group or skill level.

Private Lessons

One-on-one lessons are for any child looking to improve or learn the game. Lessons will improve your kid’s overall game performance and are also a great way to receive a total-body workout. The pro will focus on your child’s individual needs, improving his or her game and techniques and building confidence at their pace.


Super Summer Camps

Our certified pros will teach your child the basics of squash through games and all-around fun. During the school year, your child can continue to play in our SquashKids program.

Elite Squash Camps

If your child is preparing for the September launch of rankings with US Squash, they will be drilled on squash skill, theory, conditioning and nutrition, and also complete a required running and swimming program. Instructors will work with you (parents) on event selection for junior tournaments leading up to Nationals. Approved players only.

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Shop for Squash

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Eyewear is recommended at all times. No dark-soled shoes will be allowed on the courts. Courts are reserved for squash play only. No other activities allowed on the squash courts.