Leagues are fun way to meet new players, practice your skills in a competitive format and earn ranking points in Squashcap. Leagues are organized by your club pro and offer prizes at the end of the session for each division. Leagues last 4 weeks and are scheduled for you based on your skill level.


Adult Leagues

We offer leagues for the beginner to the advanced, levels from 2.0 to 6.0. Our leagues will match you up to a player of the same skill level to ensure you have fun, competitive games. Everyone who plays will earn points and rankings in Squashcap. At the end of the league, prizes are awarded for each division.

Junior Leagues

Leagues are a great way to continue learning the game in a competitive setting. From beginner to advanced players, our staff matches your child up with the right competitor to ensure they are challenged and having fun. Prizes are given to all division winners at the end of the league. Leagues can be set by age or skill levels.


Box Leagues

In this format, players are placed in a “box” with players of the same skill level and play one match per week. If you can’t make it, call your opponent to reschedule. Talk with your pro for details. 

Match Play Leagues

During this league night, you will be matched on court by our certified league coordinator and play several matches that evening. Leagues matches cannot be rescheduled. Talk with your pro for details.

Tournament Play

One large draw regardless of skill level is played in one 4-5 hour block on one day. Handicaps will be assigned for to level the playing field. Talk with your pro for details.

Team Leagues

In this format, individual members choose a captain and assemble a team from 2.0 to 6.0. You will play one team per week with the most points during the season winning the league. Talk with your pro for details.


Track match results, follow performance and rating-levels or find compatibly-skilled players with our complimentary and dynamic Squashcap platform.

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Eyewear is recommended at all times. No dark soled shoes will be allowed on the courts. Courts are reserved for squash play only. No other activities allowed on the squash courts.