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3419 Trinity Mills Rd
Dallas, TX 75287


(972) 307-2200

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A father watches his daughter jump into a crystal-clear outdoor pool as the sun sets in the background

Destination Summer

Check in for your summer getaway. It can be a quick retreat to your weekend oasis, the family time that everyone enjoys or some much-needed time to yourself. Everything is here, and anything is possible.

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Featured Refresher

Hot Days Call for Cold-Brew

Crafted from East African beans, we steep it overnight for a sweet, smooth coffee without acidity or bitterness.

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A Personal Trainer watches as a girl in athletic clothing runs over hurdles on a basketball court

Kids Event

Tween Takeover

Exclusively for ages 8–12, Tween Takeover is time for kids to play the games and activities they love most with their friends. Choose Tween Takeover as one of your 12 Junior Membership-eligible events.

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A collage of images — tea tumblers by the pool, people working out outdoors, kids playing tennis and an outdoor cycle class