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Metabolic Testing at Ashburn-Sterling

Put science to work for you.

With four unique options, we can help you work out more efficiently, enhance your weight loss plan or maximize your fat-burning potential. Focusing on your heart rate zones, our metabolic assessments offer a truly customized way to support your goals.

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How It Works

Conducted at Life Time by a certified trainer, your metabolic test may be performed on a treadmill, bike, stair climber or chair. Your heart rate, respiration and other measurements will be recorded, and, once analyzed, will form the basis for your personalized diet and workout plan.


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Active Metabolic AssessmentSM

Make better use of your workout time. Our assessment will find your unique heart rate zones, so you know when to amp the effort and keep your body burning as much stored body fat as possible.

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Resting Metabolic AssessmentSM

It’s easier to manage your weight when you know how many calories you burn on average each day. This resting metabolic rate test helps you learn how your natural metabolism is helping or hindering your goals.

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Using the Active Metabolic AssessmentSM, we will determine your five specific heart rate zones to create a plan for success and a four-week personalized cardio plan designed to maximize your fat-burning potential.

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Virtual Metabolic Conditioning

Includes custom designed heart rate training workouts based on your schedule and your goals. Must have completed CardioCoach or Active Metabolic Reassessment within the last four months.

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Take the First Step

Talk with your trainer to find out how metabolic testing can enhance your healthy-living plan. Don’t have a trainer? Set up a free consultation to get more information about our metabolic testing options.

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