A woman lies on her back on a pilates reformer machine and performs a pilates exercise.

ARORA Pilates


Originally created as a form of physical rehabilitation to relieve pain, Pilates is a great option to build strength, increase range of motion and combat health conditions.

ARORA Pilates

ARORA Pilates is a low-impact, customized workout with creatively modified movements to support bone health and posture. Join a community of like-minded people who want to get stronger and grow together.

3 pillars of Arora Pilates


Improve balance and mobility.


Build strength, improve spine stability and combat lower back pain.


Effectively strengthen any imbalances or misalignment.

close up of the padded head rest of a pilates reformer machine a woman sits on a pilates reformer machine and smiles at her instructor close up of the bars, pulls, and padded bench of the pilates reformer


Pilates Experience

A pilates instructor helps a woman perform a movement on the pilates reformer machine


Core Pilates

This low-impact, 50-minute small group class led by an ARORA Certified Specialist uses a variety of Pilates equipment, including the Reformer machines.

Additional fees apply.

A woman uses her legs to push on the pilates reformer bar

Get started with ARORA

Discover Pilates

This complimentary 30-minute discovery session is designed to educate you on the posture, hip and core strengthening work of pilates.

A bright studio classroom with yoga mats and yoga bricks laid out


Pilates Fusion

This complimentary pilates mat class feature gentle core stabilization, balance and hip strengthening exercises to benefit health conditions.

Hear it from

"I cannot be happier with the results! Especially with the

positive impact on my mental health.

my fear of failing/losing balance has lessened tremendously."

a pilates instructor guides a man through a pilates exercise