Included in your Life Time Membership, Squashcap is an interactive social platform that dynamically connects you to other squash members through technology offering sophisticated performance tracking and convenient social networking features. Use it to connect to similarly skilled players, track your match results and calculate your accurate squash rating.

Image of a man taking a swing in a tennis game


When you enter scores for a friendly match, event or league match, you earn Squashcap points that determine your internal club rankings and seedings into Life Time events like Club Championships and the Grand Prix Tour. Play on.


Get Rated

Performance and match tracking calculates an accurate squash rating that converts to an approximate US Squash rating.

Get Matched

Squashcap helps you connect with other players of similar skill level at your club. With Squashcap, you can enjoy as many well-paired squash matches as you like.

Get Scheduled

Online calendars and registration get you started with leagues, challenge ladders, tournaments and social mixers.