Man taking a Kettlebell class at home with Life Time Classes On Demand

Strength Classes

Tone and build lean muscle for full-body conditioning results with these popular strength classes.

a woman performs a tricep dip with dumbbells

Barbell Strength

With a strong emphasis on proper form, this foundational class focuses on the basic movements of weight training. Build major muscle groups for absolute, positive power.

a man performs an overhead side reach while holding a barre


A ballet technique class designed for the whole family in mind with foundational ballet movements for core, cardio, flexibility and strength training.

a man performs a russian twist core exercise


Tone and sculpt your midsection and improve your body’s overall functional strength, balance and coordination in this core-focused class.

an energized woman performs an exercise move


Set to great music, this class delivers a fun-packed combo of choreographed cardio and foundational strength training for a full-body workout that leaves you smiling and excited to come back for more.

a woman performs a cobra yoga pose


ARORA 360 is a complete, active-aging workout that combines low-impact cardio, functional strength, balance challenges and flexibility into one energizing class experience.

a man performs a lunge with dumbbells

Gluteus MAXout

This class focuses on movements that strengthen muscles in your legs and glutes, with a little added cardio to challenge your aerobic capacity.

a woman performs a side lunge while holding a kettlebell

Kettlebell Kombine

This class combines cardio and strength-training exercises to improve your athletic performance and strengthen your body –– using only a kettlebell and your body weight.

a woman performs a back arch with arms outstretched to the side


Build a solid foundation from the core out. Focus on fully activating all your core muscles while mobilizing your body. Learn the fundamentals of Pilates and the secret to how Pilates creates flat abs.

a woman performs a standing toe touch


Combining cardio and strength, this class works pretty much every muscle in your body from your shoulders, biceps and triceps to glutes, quads and hamstrings.

a woman uses a step box to exercise

Step & Strength

Combining two effective ways to move your body in one 30-minute workout. You will fire up your heart rate with easy to follow step choreography and build strength with simple bodyweight movements.

a man uses dumbbells to do a bent over fly

Upper RX

This guided, strength-training workout features a series of familiar upper-body exercises and training methods on a pulse-pounding, chest-thumping format.

a woman performs a bent over twist


The evolution of the original TCX. Challenge yourself with the most innovative high-intensity interval training format to deliver both strength and cardio results.

a woman performs a deep lunge


This dynamic class makes you move in all directions using light to moderate dumbbells, switching from lower body to upper body.