Woman taking a Zumba class at home with Life Time Classes On Demand

Cardio Classes

These heart-pumping classes are guaranteed to leave you sweaty, breathing hard and feeling strong.

a woman performs a hip hop dance move


The hottest hip-hop tunes mixed with the hottest dance class. The class guides you through high-energy choreography that's sure to move your feet and lift your heart.

a woman dances with her hands in the air


This cardio workout is set to the beat of the hottest music. Feel the rhythm as you enjoy a muscle-pumping, calorie-burning dance blast.

a woman stretches her arms out while holding dumbbells


A ballet technique class designed for the whole family in mind with foundational ballet movements for core, cardio, flexibility and strength training.

a woman uses a weighted pole to exercise


This high-energy class features fast-paced intervals of choreographed martial arts and kickboxing movements to tone and condition your entire body.

a man uses a step to exercise


If you're looking to increase your aerobic endurance this class is for you. Jam to the music while mixing traditional step, mid-level choreography and lots of fun.

a woman performs an energized side lunge

Cardio MIXX

This high energy, all cardio experience is one tough, yet gratifying, workout that includes kickboxing, dance and athletic drills.

a woman performs a high knee punching move


Move through a combination of upper- and lower-body jabs, hooks, uppercuts, round kicks, sidekicks, strikes blocks and athletic drills.

a man performs a dance move

Dance Jam

Move and groove like you’re on the dance floor, all while getting in a full-body cardio workout.

a woman reaches her hands out to the side to stretch

Warrior Sculpt

A yoga mat and dumbbells are all you need to enjoy this high-energy workout, which blends traditional yoga moves with high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

a woman performs a squat with overhead dumbbell press


Done in timed intervals, you’ll give it everything you’ve got in quick, high-intensity exercises, followed by short and active recovery.   

a man performs an air squat


The evolution of the original TCX. Challenge yourself with the most innovative high-intensity interval training format to deliver both strength and cardio results.

a woman performs an exercise move on the floor while kicking her leg out


STRONG by Zumba® combines body-weight, muscle-conditioning, cardio and plyometric training. Synced to energetic music, you'll work your way through a demanding total-body workout.