Woman taking a Surrender yoga class at home with Life Time Classes On Demand

Yoga Classes

Turn to the classes on this page when you want to relax, let go of stress and turn inwards.

a woman performs a deep side lung pose


Build physical and mental strength as you flow through a series of yoga poses, drawing on the breath as your inner source of power.

a woman sits cross-legged in meditation


This slow, meditative yin-yoga practice features long-held stretches and meditative breathing to relieve tension in your body and mind.

a woman performs a yoga pose while pushing her front side to the sky


Lose your breath. Find your breath. This innovative class blends yoga with intense cardio to push you past your limits — and guide you gently back.

a woman performs a side lunge stretch


This class takes you through a flow of guided poses, encouraging growth and exploration in your practice while synchronizing your breath with traditional yoga movements.

a man performs a forward lunge twist pose


Slow down and tune in to your body and breath with this slower-paced yoga class that will lead you through a series of foundational poses.

a woman sides cross-legged with hands together at hearts center


Challenge yourself to quiet your reactive mind by anchoring your attention to the rhythm of your breath, a meditation technique called anapana you can practice anywhere, anytime.

a woman stretches her hands out to the side

Warrior Sculpt

A yoga mat and dumbbells are all you need to enjoy this high-energy workout, which blends traditional yoga moves with high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

a woman performs a back bend with arms stretched out


Utilize and strengthen your powerhouse: your deep abdominal muscles, obliques and lower back. This class combines the movements of Pilates with traditional fitness elements.

a woman uses a foam roller on her leg


Dedicated to recovery, this progressive foam rolling experience is designed to restore the entire body, balancing out your complete fitness program. Focusing on self-myofascial techniques, this class will help you feel better, move better and perform better.