Boy on slide

Kids Play Area

While you use the club, your kids ages 3 months through 11 years stay active and having fun, all within a safe and enriching environment.


Ages 3 Months–1 Year

Exploring new worlds is so exciting. We engage your little one in sensory play and activities that encourage movement, interaction and social development.

Infant Activities


Ages 1–2 Years

Build a passion for fitness early. Tumbling, obstacle courses and fitness exercises help your kids increase strength, motor skills and coordination.

Toddler Activities


Ages 3–11 Years

We build healthy habits that last a lifetime. Kids begin to discover their areas of passion, meet new friends and engage in active play.

Kids Activities

Infant Activities

24-Hour Reservation Required

Tummy Time

Let’s build those little muscles. We’ll help your beautiful baby prepare to roll over and learn how his or her body moves in our separate infant room.

Fine & Gross Motor Skill Development

Your baby will giggle, grab and roll over in no time as our team members engage and encourage him or her to move, interact, sit up and use their hands.

Sensory Exploration

Exploring new worlds is so exciting. Through sensory play, we’ll expose your child to experiences that can be therapeutic, as well as helpful in improving motor skills and building vocabulary.

Parallel Play

Playing with others is a great way for babies to develop social and motor skills. Our team members will encourage your child to play freely with friends around his or her age.


There’s nothing sweeter than story time. We’ll set the stage for strong readers by reading imaginative and classic stories to them.

Toddler Activities

Imaginative Play

Let their imaginations run wild. Your kids will play and develop social skills with new friends in our toddler room that features puppet theatres, play kitchens, train tables, doll houses and more.

Create & Build

Do you have a little engineer on your hands? We’ll throw their curiosity into high gear as we create everything from tall towers to cars using blocks, toys and more.

Educational & Fitness Activities

Build a passion for fitness early. We’ll challenge your kids through tumbling, obstacle courses and fitness exercises that increase strength, motor skills and coordination.

Music Move & Groove

Turn their noise-making into beautiful music. We’ll support your child’s love of making noise through different musical instrument exploration and singing.

Kids Activities

Learning Lab

Our large library of enrichments activities includes a variety of books, educational games, puzzles and more. We encourage exploration and create a quiet space to learn and complete homework.

Play Maze

Fun and adventure await your children ages 3 and up. Playtime is always adventurous and fun in our multi-level maze. They have the freedom to climb high and zoom down slides.

Gym Time

Kids can work on their pickup game, engage in a friendly bout of dodgeball, or simply burn some energy with balls and equipment.

Amenities and programs may vary by location.