Life Time Athletic Events
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Start with a commitment
com·mit’·ment (k -mit-muhnt), noun 1. a pledge or promise; obligation. 2. the act of committing. 3. the state of being committed.

At Life Time, we are committed to inspiring healthy, happy lives for everyone in our communities. We embrace our responsibility to create healthy environments and workspaces that honor and champion all by upholding an unwavering commitment to inclusion, equity, and diversity. We recognize, empower and celebrate the unique talents, backgrounds and perspectives of all individuals so everyone always feels welcomed, respected, supported and valued.

With 30+ premium events nationwide, we have the opportunity, responsibility and intention to ensure anyone can find their place at the start line. We are actively listening for and learning ways to make lasting and meaningful change to benefit the entire Life Time family of athletes, volunteers, partners, team members and the broader endurance sport community. Part of this process includes gaining a clear understanding of who we are, so that we can identify and implement the work that must be done. Through transparency, goal setting, and measuring our progress, let’s move forward to the finish line together.